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Smart Card utilize
near-field communication (NFC) technology.

If you run a busy warehouse or logistic business and need a quick and easy way to track merchandise while it is being transported, you may want to consider using Smart Card as a smart label.Smart Card utilize near-field communication (NFC) technology. With the rewriteable e-paper display on Smart Card, paper label printing and handling are no longer necessary. The use of paper can be eliminated.

Ultra high frequency (UHF) technology has been applied to Smart Card in addition to NFC. It is possible to track multiple cards at the same time from a distance.

Smart Card are e-paper Card. Each Card can keep data displayed on its screen without consuming power. Power is necessary when data on the display screen is rewritten or data is read from the Card. Data including text, graphics or a barcode on the screen are rewritable through NFC. A barcode displayed on the e-paper Card can be read by nearly every type of handheld scanner.

About Smart Card

With Smart Card, you can see information displayed on the Card. It is like a visible RFID. The display on the Smart Card screen can be a barcode, picture, alphanumeric characters, as well as Japanese “kanji” characters, and any other foreign language characters. Because the e-paper display is readable and can be changed, there are many potential uses of the products. For example, it can be used as RFID NFC label in production control systems, distribution systems, order fulfilling picking systems, point of sale systems, and tracking items. The operation is paperless and can be controlled and shared over the network.

Data is displayed on the screen without any electric power. Power is used when data is read or written, or the image on the display screen is rewritten. Using these smart labels instead of paper labels saves time and reduces paper usage. A displayed barcode can be read by nearly every type of handheld barcode scanner, so it is possible to immediately use these smart cards in your existing system. An NFC communication chip is used in each e-paper Card.

Used as a visitor's badge

Used for logistics containers

Used as a debit slip in the restaurant

Used for in-hospital logistics

Used as an instruction sheet in manufacturing

Can read multiple IDs together through UHF

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