What speeds up and decreases errors.
That is Pick To Light .

"Pick To Light" eliminates your headache caused by many errors, lower efficiency in picking work. If picking work is performed according to slips or lists in your factory assembly lines or distribution center, you must have a headache. In Pick To Light, a worker just go to a light module's lighting and pick the quantity of items indicated by the light module. That is an accurate picking with no error that even unskilled workers easily can do.

”Pick to light” Products Light Modules

benefits of introducing.


[ Picking by slip and list ]
[ "Pick To Light" ]

Attempt to eliminate errors


Due to improving productivity of hand working,"Pick To Light" and "Put to Light" are highly appreciated. To further reduce human errors without reducing the speeds of human work, the new systems have appeared:

  • Pick and Check system: POS item checking while picking
  • Poke-yoke screen(Error proofing ) system: Prevent human errors by placing light beam screen in front of the locations on the shelves to detect worker's hand.
  • Poka-yoke gate(error proofing) system: Prevent errors by placing a open -close gate on each of locations
  • Weight Assort system: Check item weight when assorting by installing a weighing device wiring via Network

You can select your suitable system/method from our suggested work support systems according to type of product/parts or how to distribute items/products, responding to your needs.

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Attempt to enable movable Light Modules and


[ NW serise ]

To respond to the free-location and mobile needs, AIOI Systems has developed the wireless communication light module. Which uses electronic paper for display instead of using conventional 7-seg LEDs requiring every day recharging. The new wireless light modules use 3 AA batteries. The use of electronic paper for display makes it possible to continue operation for as long as about one month after full charge. The wireless light modules make their locations free. In addition, the wireless modules can receive instructions when they are moving along in a mobile system. The new wireless modules can serve a dual purpose, twofer as a result.: one for paperless, saving energy/source and the other for the improvement of accuracy. In addition to making Pick to Light System evolve, DIC will move forward with an evolution for operation support systems to respond to needs from manufacturing and distribution sites.

Why is the cost-effectiveness high?


What are the reasons why DIC suggested "Pick To Light"/"Put to Light" create high cost-effectiveness?

1. Suggestion of providing systems optimized for different applications according to various site operations.
To be suggested by analyzing site operations:The most suitable system to be built.

2. Minimize new investment
So that existing facility such as shelves or conveyers can be used, an optimized system will be designed.

3. Promotion of Paperless, needless of paper sheets
Human errors such as reading error will be eliminated.
The easy-to-see digital display and easy-to-press lamp switch make it possible to work intuitively and speed up operations.
Unskilled persons can work under these systems.
Running cost is considerably low
Consumables, such as paper sheet, list are almost needless and low maintenance cost.

4. Running cost is considerably low
Consumables, such as paper sheet, list are almost needless and low maintenance cost.

5. Outstanding flexibility
The ultimate wire-saving network system "AI-NET" will make it easy to change or move layout.

Projection Picking System


Picking instruction and item information by projection
Item/part name, part number, location number and item image can be projected.Information required for work can be projected into a limited space.

Suitable for picking small items.
Suitable for picking small items such as Medical agents,contact lenses or parts labels.

Error proofing

Easy relocation

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Picking from an illuminated location.
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Alerts a picking error.

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